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small batch premium tequila

SUMMERGODS is the small batch premium tequila created by multi-platinum recording artist/songwriter Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind. With a nod to sustainable agriculture and fair-trade employment practices, SUMMERGODS tequila is Jenkins’ collaboration with master distiller Casa Maestri in Jalisco, MX in Destiladora de Valle de Tequila.

Created from a discrete age-old process of a single distillery, blending sweet, sun-drenched agave from the highlands with the herbaceous piñas from the
lowlands' rich volcanic soil, elemental purity is the key – and a reflection of the trident on our label: the sun, the soil, and the heart of the agave.

Founded by Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind

This is a connoisseur's tequila with a unique presence in the nose and smoothness in the finish. Mint, lychee, hibiscus, cedar, and flowering oregano
undertones yield to notes of spiced caramel, plantains and vanilla bean. Savor this handcrafted, small batch tequila as a sipping tequila served neat, or in
your finest cocktails.


We regret that SUMMERGODS cannot be shipped to states where direct-to-consumer purchases are prohibited.

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